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Tuesday, 20 Feb 2018

Risk Management Services

Enterprise Security: We perform Network & Systems Security scans and audits in order to ensure that corporate networks & systems are optimally designed to minimize attacks by malicious individuals. We help organizations to develop Information Security policies and enforce them. We perform systems audits to ensure compliance for the protection of organizational information assets. Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems are like a burglar alarm for your computer network and they detect unauthorized access attempts. They are the first line of defense for your computer systems. Security Auditing includes onsite and off-site security assessments, vulnerability assessment reporting, controlled penetration testing (ethical hacking) and Policies and Procedures reviews.

SecureNET Technologies offers a packaged solution for high level network security assessment. A thorough scan and inspection of your network to find,
report and recommend solutions for all known security vulnerabilities in existence at the time is done. Our extensive vulnerability assessment allows you to fix security issues before
hackers or your competitors access your systems. SecureNET works closely with you to conduct a coordinated probe across your enterprise. We identify real system vulnerabilities present on Internet gateways, system hosts, and through dial-up access points.

This solution provides a review and recommendation report regarding current Network Access and Security Policies. It's designed to help our customers
understand what is missing from their current policies and what changes need to be implemented to ensure more secure systems/networking environments.
Business Continuity Planning (BCP): We work with organizational units (OU) to develop an organizational Business Continuity Plans. Threats to businesses are
ever increasing and it is imperative that plans exist to ensure business continuity in case the unfortunate occurs

SecureNET Technologies (K) Ltd focuses of providing state of the art 'integrated security solutions' to various industries. SecureNET has exclusive technology partners who are world leaders in their respective fields.

SecureNET and its partners now provide cutting-edge technology solutions in the field of security, offering consultancy, design, manufacture and installation of integrated security solutions, specifically designed for each individual application.

All solutions are tailored to specific requirements based on the threat level conceived and these solutions vary from conventional stand alone systems to complex IP based solutions.

Some of the areas in which solutions offered are:

  • Perimeter security solutions
  • CCTV systems for surveillance
  • Access Control
  • Under vehicle scanning systems
  • Biometrics
  • Baggage & Cargo scanning systems
  • Metal, narcotics & explosive detectors
  • Traffic control systems
  • Night vision devices
  • Mobile phone Jammers
  • Consultancy in IT Security